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Colle Corviano

Abruzzo, Italy

Drawn by the extraordinary potential of this region and bonded by their common aspirations, today Rodrigo and Antonella are one family that operates and manages the estate. Colle Corviano is a 225 acre certified sustainable producing family estate based in Abruzzo, Italy, with strong international ratings and value in our price points.

Ornella Molon

Valpolicella, Italy

Ornella Molon was created from the passion of two entrepreneurs who were dedicated to farming with the aim of producing very individual, unique and unrepeatable wines. Wines that can seduce, and conquer through their particularities, which are expressions of culture, a spokesman for style and taste immediately recognizable by the public.

Famiglia Boron

Veneto, Italy

The Boron wine estate is part of a family tradition which started in 1954 thanks to the passion of Remigio and Amedeo for wine making. Today, all of the mastery and expertise has been passed down to the new generation, who, combining their experience of the wine-making tradition with new technology, are proud to be able to offer the most prestigious wines to their clients.

Primo Bacio

Piemonte, Italy

A deliciously, delicately, sweet wine produced from estate grown grapes in Piedmont. Chill this wine down a bit, and it is perfect for summer time grilling, days on the boat. 

Fratelli Ponte

Piemonte, Italy

The winery Fratelli Ponte is an exclusive family business. Culture, passion and the art of making Wine has been passed down from father to son. This passion was born after Second World War with a small cellar and a small vineyard of Barbera cultivated by Carlo “the grandfather,” this cellar was placed in Bricco Ronchesio of San Damiano d’ Asti. 

Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo

Urbino, Italy 

The color, aroma and taste of our wines result from the love and strong character of their makers, combined with the gentle, undulating profile of the hills where their grapes grow and the rich endowment of culture and tradition preserved through the centuries in the land of Raphael.

La Veneranda

Umbria, Italy

The love for the cultivation of grapes and the secular history of our family in Montefalco, have brought our winery “La Veneranda” to excellent results in the production of fine wines and high-quality extra virgin olive oil, preserving through the time the historical indigenous vines such as Sagrantino, Sangiovese and Grechetto.

Villa Leone

Valpolicella, Italy


A winery started in 1907, on it's 5th generation of family winemaking. This passion for the art of wine-making goes back to Carlo Campagnola, who was involved at an early age in the wine trade, followed by his wife Caterina Zardini who, after the untimely death of her husband, courageously continued the business and in 1907 won the medal for the best "Vino Reccioto" at the Wine Exhibition in Verona.

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