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Vizar Vineyard Wines Feature

Updated: Sep 13, 2022


Penalba, Spain

History of the Vizar Vineyard

Bodegas Vizar is amongst the most unique wineries in the world. Situated on the banks of the Duero River in Castilla and Leon, this winery is located in the rich land of Northern Spain. Quality is first here, with everything being hand-harvested, hand-selected, and organically farmed. Fermentation is allowed to happen naturally and spontaneously with the native, wild yeast. The Zarzuela family owns this estate, with Felipe Zarzuela currently at the helm of the winery.


Enjoy a Great Selection of Spanish Wines


Elbo Tempranillo

Elbo is a perfectly clear and bright red wine with high-intensity color and good layers, a fantastic tone, and emphasizes the violet and intense reds. It has a high aromatic intensity with plenty of red fruit aromas such as raspberry, cherry, and strawberry. The palette is balanced with perfect integration of acidity with alcohol, sugar, and friendly tannin. The wine is clean and fresh on the palate, with a great fruity and tropical finish. Elbo is best paired with BBQ, Grilled Meat, Pasta, Pizza, and Charcuterie.

Vizar Seleccion Especial 2011

Vizar Seleccion Especial has a cherry color with intense and bright colors. The aroma is complex and intense. The highlights of the wine include hides, cocoa, chocolate background, and a mixture of ripe fruit with licorice. The taste has a velvety texture and integrated tannins with perfect acidity that brings long life in time and good evolution. In the post-taste, we find a tasty wine, with balsamic memories, fine herbs, and, above all, elegance and persistent. Vizar Seleccion Especial is best served with stews, red meats, and game.

Vizar Prestigio 2015

Prestigio has a purple color with intense and bright colors. The aroma is elegant, complex, and subtle. There are notes of black fruit (blueberry and blackberry) violet floral notes, spicy black pepper and cloves, and touches of licorice. The taste is a friendly entrance with a velvety texture, great harmony, and a persistent finish. It is a very elegant and subtle set as a singular gastronomic wine. Prestigio is best served with legumes, rice, fish, red meats, and game.

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