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Zanotelli Vineyard + Wine Feature


Trento, Italy


Zanotelli is a family run winery developed in 1860 on the rugged slopes of the Valle di Cembra. The stone walls protect around 300 acres of land for vines to flourish. The mountain area experiences extreme temperate changes from day to night, exposer to the south-east slopes, and other great conditions that allow for the farming of white grapes. The Zanotelli cousins have years of dedication and passion, constantly bringing new ideas to the wine making process, to create the best possible product to distribute domestically and internationally.



Kerner is a white wine with a straw-yellow color accompanied by green reflex. The wine fragrance is fruity, nicely aromatic, with slightly touch of sage, peach, and golden apple. The taste is dry, fresh and has pleasant acidity. The wine goes great with aperitif especially cheese and salty foods making it particularly appropriate with first courses based on fish sauce, elaborated fish dishes, mushroom soups and dishes aromatized with herbs.

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